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100K IN 10 DAYS

Well kind of

106.7km in 10 days

and I think it was supposed to be 10x 10k runs, however there was s couple of adjustments made

1. 26/12 – 12.25k a Sandy post Christmas calorie burn and fresh air hit

2. 27/12 – 13.81k Sandy more food

3. 28/12 – 11.56k Sandy more booze

4. 29/12 – 10.66k Sandy same old

5. 30/12 – 10.12k Chingford back home and different location

6. 31/12 – 10.81k 15kg Hike Chingford (had a cold so hiked instead… and added weight to make it harder)

7. 1/1/20 – 4.88k New Years Day Family Walk Lougton

8. 2/1/20 – 10.14k Back to my normal Chingford 10k

9. 3/1/20 – 12.3k Actually two 6k runs in to work and back in South Woodford … this was much harder than a single run

10. 4/1/20 – 10.17k A hard final slog Chingford

Why though…why?

Firstly because back at Christmas in the countryside nothing beats getting outside and running, especially with all the eating and drinking and sitting

I hit the gym enough that running is a nice change especially when away

I am doing the The 2020 London Triathlon again this year and the run is my weakest discipline so aim to get better (especially as i have competition again)

I need a challenge, after a couple of runs I mentioned that Id heard someone say they’d done it on tv and wanted to know if i could, 1 became 2, then 3 and 4….by this stage even though i really couldn’t be bothered i had strung a few together and to break that would have annoyed me

My discipline (which is the most underrated driver of getting fit.. even more than motivation) meant I carried on even when I wasnt feeling it

It gave me a reason to….which if youve been training for a long time, beyond the weight loss, beyond the holiday prep, beyond the getting stronger…… is needed…a target, an objective, a test!

With the triathlon again this year, and joining up with the Blueprint : Fitness massive to run the Rat Race Dirty Weekend again this year …there are 2 big reasons!!!

So more big Epping runs will take place, fancy joining me then just drop me a message or any of the Blueprint : Fitness crew

Want to set some BIG goals to train for this year???… get in touch!!

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